France Vintage Decoupage Tea Box

Hello my friends at this late hour. I hope you are all doing ok. I have been busy past few nights as always and came up with new boxes to share with you. You are always welcome to leave comments so don’t be shy 🙂




New York Keepsake Box

Surprise surprise I have made one more box 🙂 I am sure you all have little memorabilia from you voyages and no place to keep them, so this storage solution is just perfect. Lovely decoupage keepsake box with New York napkin and to add a bit of a character I have added brass corners.


Decoupaged bookmark

It’s me again. Hope you enjoyed today! It was a bit windy and rainy for my liking but all in all we had a lovely day. Visit at the farm in Wales and quick shopping afterwards and I can’t believe weekend is almost gone!

So I don’t bore you too much with my life, attached is my newest creation, vintage looking bookmark. Wooden as always and decoupaged using rice paper hence the visible threading. Hope you like it.


Getting ready for Chester

Hello all! I hope you are ok and enjoying the fact it’s Friday today, which means its weekend tomorrow woohoo!

I am all over the place at the moment, torn apart in every aspect of my life but still doing my beloved boxes. Can’t wait for my first sale in Chester on the 15th Feb, you are all invited of course 🙂

My two newest boxes. Paints, crackle medium, stains etc and rice paper. Love the vintage look!



Doticrafts Shop Fundraising

I have not been here for a while due to various problems and general life but to those who follow me I would like to thank from a bottom of my heart.

So message to all of you out there who wish me well:

‘Hi All, I had few bad weeks recently trying to figure out what to do with my life. Those, who know me for a long time, it is quite obvious that I love the world of crafts. I have been thinking of opening or running my own hand made business for ages now.
In the past few months I have learnt that I need to start chasing my dreams. I have fallen in love with a decoupage and napkin decorating technique and after a good start in December I would like to carry on with this and take it to the next level.
I have checked all possible sources to get some financial help such as Princes Trust for Entrepreneurs and unfortunately due to my working hours I did not qualify for help. I have decided to open this fundraiser to try and pursue my dreams with a help of family and friends.
If you believe I can do it and you think that my work is worth something, please help me by funding my future. I will be grateful for any help and promise to keep everyone who will support me posted with my progress.
My start up order is £800, I believe that you can help me raise it!’

Lots of Love, Doti.

If you can help me, please follow the below link and help with making my dreams come true. Any amount will be amazing!