Shop is live and running

Hello everyone. Thank you to everyone who was on this journey with me. I am happy to announce that my shop is open and running now and you can make online orders!

If you require or looking for something that is not on my shop page, please get in touch and I can decorate or up cycle pretty much anything. All items are decorated with a decoupage technique using high quality acrylics and varnishes.

Please visit me on: will be working soon as we are waiting for the domain from my blog to move.

My shop had a blog build in so you can still follow me there.

On this occasion I would like to thank everyone who was visiting the blog and supporting me on my craft journey. I still make cards as this was why this blog has been created, however my life involves around something I have fallen in love with and want to evolve more, decoupage!

Thank you to all the followers and see you over at my shop!

Hugs xxx


Crookilley Crafts Emporium

Hello everyone! I have exciting news to share with you all. An amazing shop has opened in Stockport -Crookilley Crafts Emporium! This is the place where crafters from the local area can promote and sell their handmade items. I am ‘over the moon happy’ to say that from this weekend, my items will be a proud part of this wonderful and magical place.

Please do visit as soon as you can as most items are one off and unique. Perfect place for special occasion gifts.

Thanks to Maggie x


Doticrafts Shop Fundraising

I have not been here for a while due to various problems and general life but to those who follow me I would like to thank from a bottom of my heart.

So message to all of you out there who wish me well:

‘Hi All, I had few bad weeks recently trying to figure out what to do with my life. Those, who know me for a long time, it is quite obvious that I love the world of crafts. I have been thinking of opening or running my own hand made business for ages now.
In the past few months I have learnt that I need to start chasing my dreams. I have fallen in love with a decoupage and napkin decorating technique and after a good start in December I would like to carry on with this and take it to the next level.
I have checked all possible sources to get some financial help such as Princes Trust for Entrepreneurs and unfortunately due to my working hours I did not qualify for help. I have decided to open this fundraiser to try and pursue my dreams with a help of family and friends.
If you believe I can do it and you think that my work is worth something, please help me by funding my future. I will be grateful for any help and promise to keep everyone who will support me posted with my progress.
My start up order is £800, I believe that you can help me raise it!’

Lots of Love, Doti.

If you can help me, please follow the below link and help with making my dreams come true. Any amount will be amazing!











Facebook Page

Good afternoon on this cool and cloudy Sunday! I have been missing the rainy weather a little bit but hoping that summer will not end as yet.

Hope you all have a lovely day today. This is just a quick post to say that I have finally shared my blog with FB 🙂

We are having a very lazy day today. What are your plans? Hugs x


Evening lovely bloggers! Wasn’t sure how to title my post tonight so went for a blank name 😉 I was accused of my blog being bored by ‘some’ people, therefore I thought I will prove them wrong 😉

Work is being as busy as always however we are getting new staff shortly to help us with a workload. I am not sure I have mentioned, but I am not taking Warfarin anymore! Happy days. Hopefully my blood test will come clear and clot free and I will be able to forget December. I saw my GP yesterday as well, they are pretty useless I have to say.

Apart from that BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO MR DARCY FOR HIS NEW JOB! I am well proud for you and wish you all the best and good luck in your new position within a new company! Love you xxx

Not to bore you much longer, I will just mention that I am considering starting a card challenge blog on my website. Still thinking about it but I am sure you all will be the first ones to know if I proceed with my thoughts 🙂

Good night to you all x

Gary Barlow

Good evening lovely bloggers. I am so tired I didn’t even had a power to post for the past few days. I have made a card last night as well and finished it off today but I don’t like it, therefore no sharing this time. Don’t know what it is but I just don’t like the look of it.

Anyways, my driving is getting better. Instructor says I only have some snall mistakes to rectify and I should be ready. Can’t wait! Work is busy, Benbladen is teething again and Mrs Suzi can sing ‘Impossible’ song and sign it as well 🙂 Oh I would have forgotten! We went for Suzi’s assembly at school last Friday and you will never guess who came as a special guest…..Gary Barlow!!!!! Yep and below is the prof. How awesome is that?! 😉 hugs everyone! X



Good evening! Seems like I am struggling with keeping up here 🙂 Busy, busy and once again busy. With two little ones at home there is always something to do. I am sad now that weekend is ending now. We had a lovely few days. Yesterday we went to Southport and today to an Ice Cream Farm. Our garden also looks like a garden and we have even managed to buy kids a sandpit. They seems to love it so hopefully it will keep them busy at evenings 🙂 I am off warfarin since Friday. So far, so good. Didn’t really notice any difference. I have my follow up appointment tomorrow so wondering what they will say. Then, I am going back to work. Also, for past few days I have been living of an idea that has grown so deep in my head that I am spending every free second of the day to get as much information as I can. It’s a long process so will share with everyone once I am a bit closer to pursue with it. Keep fingers crossed for me though 😉

Hope you all had a lovely weekend too and lots of sunny hugs for this week x